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Thorough Dental Cleanings & Checkups in Ardmore

Ardmore Dental Cleanings & Checkups smiling young man in blue shirtWhen it comes to maintaining a healthy, happy smile over the years, there’s no better prevention than attending routine checkups and cleanings with a trusted dental professional like Dr. Jamie Guthrie twice a year. By looking for any signs of trouble every six months, our Ardmore team can reduce your risk of large-scale dental problems later down the road. For instance, an initially harmless cavity can quickly grow to negatively affect surrounding teeth, and a once-small case of gum disease can lead to bone deterioration, tooth loss, and other disastrous consequences without intervention. As long as they’re caught and treated early on in the development process, these diseases can be effectively and safely controlled. Contact our Ardmore, OK practice today to schedule your first appointment!

Comprehensive Dental Checkups

From the arrival of that very first baby tooth, regular dental appointments are key for patients of all ages. During your checkup, Dr. Guthrie will closely inspect every aspect of your oral health, from the surfaces of each tooth to the soft tissues to the jaw. We’ll look for signs of damage, oral cancer, periodontal (gum) disease, and other common concerns. We will also assess current restorative work (such as dental crowns or fillings) to ensure that it’s still functioning properly. If not, high-quality replacements are available at our practice for patients from Lone Grove, OK and surrounding areas.

Refreshing Dental Cleanings

Once young patients have reached the age of four or five, they should be attending routine cleanings with the other members of their family. Our talented hygienists will carefully inspect the oral tissue to determine whether gum disease is present, and they’re also your dependable line of defense against the accumulation of bacteria-filled plaque and tartar. If it’s determined that your oral hygiene routine at home is lacking in some way, they can provide friendly, experienced lessons and recommendations for quality healthcare products.

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