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Replace Several Missing Teeth with All-On-4 Dentures in Ardmore

Ardmore All-On-4 Dentures smiling man linking arms with womanIf you are dealing with significant tooth loss, then perhaps you are considering dentures. These have long been the go-to solution for dentists when they need to create new smiles for patients who are missing teeth. Today, dentures are better looking and more comfortable than ever before. And now, Dr. Guthrie can even go one step further by offering dentures that are anchored into place. All-On-4 dentures are permanently anchored to four dental implants that an oral surgeon expertly positions along your jaw. With this kind of denture, your natural looking smile will have the added advantage of allowing you to speak, chew, smile and laugh without ever worrying that your prosthesis might slip or fall out.

Completing Your Smile with All-On-4 Dentures

Before beginning the step-by-step process for All-On-4 Dentures, Dr. Guthrie will need to make sure you have adequate bone volume to support dental implants. The success of All-On-4 Dentures largely depends on sufficient bone density that provides a stable anchor and enough bone tissue to integrate with the implants. Once she is certain of this, then you’ll be referred to our oral surgeon whose office is directly across the street from ours.

Only four implants are used to anchor these dentures. Each one is strategically positioned to take the most advantage of bone volume in your jaw and to securely hold the denture in place. Each implant is somewhat angled and is made of the biocompatible metal titanium. With time, the titanium dental implants fuse with surrounding bone tissue to form an immovable foundation.

Before you leave the surgeon’s office, you’ll be given a temporary set of dentures. These will protect your gum tissue during healing and provide you with a complete smile.

Benefits of All-On-4 Dentures

In addition to anchoring your dentures, All-On-4 dental implants also stimulate healthy new bone tissue growth in your jaw. Your jaw has an important job to do—holding your teeth in place. When teeth are missing, however, you jaw atrophies and begins to lose volume and shape. As a result, the contours of your face can change and you may begin to look older than your age. All-On-4 implants help to prevent this from happening.

After several months of healing, you’ll return to the office of Ardmore dentist Dr. Guthrie to have your All-On-4 dentures attached to the implants. The dentures feature a metal fitting along the underside that firmly attaches and holds your new teeth firmly in place. Be sure to schedule regular checkups with Dr. Guthrie and follow her instructions for proper oral hygiene at home for your All-On-4 smile.

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